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Scientific Reasons Why Champagne is Good For You – Drink Bubbly Without Guilt!

Posted on November 27, 2020 by Raymond James Irwin in Blog

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You have likely heard that champagne is a great drink. You see it drunk at birthday parties and weddings and celebrations. But is the bubbly really good for you, health wise or has it always been just hearsay?

Let us assure you that science has proven that champagne is good for you. So the next time you pop the champagne cork at breakfast (yes, people do that), you need not feel guilty at all and can actually claim that it is for your health.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Let’s dive in on the scientific reasons why champagne is good for you.


Champagne will give your memory a boost

Champagne contains proteins that are beneficial for your memory. A team of researchers from the University of Reading previously conducted a study that determined up to three glasses of Champagne per week can boost brain health.

As memory is one of the primary cognitive functions in humans, the study wanted to prove that there would be a positive impact if champagne is consumed in moderation.

So the study was performed on rats over a period of six weeks. Rats were given a dose of champagne every day and were made to complete a maze. A success rate of 70 percent was celebrated when rats drank the champagne on a regular basis. The same rats only had a 50 percent success rate without the champagne!

People have also claimed that champagne helps to fight memory loss diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s although it has not yet been proven.

Well you do not have anything to lose if a glass or two (scientists declare that three glasses is best) a week helps to delay the onset of memory loss in the brain. So drink away!


Champagne is low in calories

If you desire to lose weight, calorie intake is pretty important in that process. Yet some may find it rather difficult to give up their glasses of wine altogether. Fret not! A glass of champagne contains fewer calories than a glass of red or white wine.

A glass of red or white wine can contain up to 200 calories whereas a glass of champagne only has about 80 to 95 calories.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels
Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels

You can even find low dosage champagne that only has an average of 65 calories in a glass.

A bottle of Billecart-Salmon, Cuvée Nicolas François, 2006, Brut, is lower in calories as it contains less sugar. This is such a good option and you can enjoy it, guilt-free! You can also select your champagne according to the 7 levels of brut so that you can choose even lower calorie bubbly.

Champagne protects your brain

Three phenolic acids from champagne called tyrosol, caffeic acid and gallic acid protect your brain from damage from free radicals.


Champagne increases your sex drive

Alcohol generally makes you lose your inhibitions and gives you an extra buzz. Couples usually then experience a drop in energy and a side effect of alcohol leaves a lack of blood flow for arousal.

The champagne bubbles however, allows you to feel the effects of alcohol much quicker without sapping your energy. This is due to the magnesium, potassium and zinc that champagne contains.

The bubbles also go to your head at a much faster rate as compared to other wines and alcohol. Research has shown that people who drank champagne had a higher level of alcohol in their blood after 20 minutes than those who consumed flat sparkling wine.

Due to the carbonation which ‘rushes’ the alcohol from the stomach to the small intestine, you will feel the effects of alcohol much quicker. Therefore, the extra buzz leads most people to have a higher sex drive.

So the next time you are celebrating an anniversary with your partner, drink the bubbly and make it an unforgettable night!


Champagne improves your heart health

We all know that wine actually improves your heart health but did you know that champagne actually shares the same benefits?

Why not? Champagne is basically made from both red and white wine grapes. It is just that the three main champagne grapes are planted, harvested and bottled in the northeastern region of France named Champagne.

Studies have shown that ‘two glasses of champagne a day may be good for your heart and circulation and could reduce your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease and stroke.’

Red and white wine grapes contain antioxidants that prevent damage to the blood vessels. Wine grapes also prevent blood clots and reduce bad cholesterol in your body. Both of these benefits actually reduces your risk of developing heart diseases and strokes.

However, do not go overboard. Drink in moderation.

For champagne lovers, champagne not only holds a place in your heart, it also helps your heart and for the broken hearted, well either way, champagne will heal your heart.


Champagne lowers your risk of diabetes

Champagne lowers the risk of diabetes by 13 percent! Wow!

If you have a history of diabetes in the family, it might be time to drink bubbly on a more regular basis. Actually, all wines will reduce the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes but we prefer some bubbles in our wine.


Champagne helps with digestion

A study done actually found that fermented alcoholic drinks, such as the bubbly you drink, can increase gastric acid by as much as 95 percent.

Low stomach acids can cause many digestive problems such as nausea, acid reflux, gastritis, general discomfort and more. The increase in gastric acid actually helps your body to digest food better.


Champagne is good for your skin

Give your skin a good boost with champagne as the antioxidants found in wine grapes gives your countenance a lift.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Dermatologists love wine grapes. There are antioxidant properties in wine grapes that help with skin. Champagne also contains a lightening tartaric acid that reduces pigmentation, therefore creating an even skin tone.

Plus, champagne has antibacterial properties which helps to fight skin breakouts and reduce acne.

Champagne is also a good source of polyphenol, which is known to combat skin redness. The bubbly you drink has carbon dioxide properties that creates a skin tightening effect, therefore reducing wrinkles and loose skin.

Some dermatologists have also recommended dipping a cotton ball into a bit of champagne and directly applying it topically to your face and throat. Sounds crazy? Why not test it out and tell us if it helped your skin? There is no harm in trying out this method.

Others also recommend that you add a bottle of champagne to your bubble bath as the carbon dioxide in champagne will act as a gentle exfoliator whilst soothing dry skin. The acidity found in champagne will also leave your skin soft and supple to the touch.

If that sounds too weird to you, it does not change the fact that there are so many benefits of champagne for your skin. So is it not worth drinking a glass or two every day?

Start by trying a bottle of the vintage Cristal 2004. You will likely be a champagne convert after tasting it for the first time if this is your first bottle of champagne!


Champagne gives you shiny hair

Although this is an unconventional use of champagne, did you know that rinsing your hair with a bottle of champagne will add volume to your locks? The next time you wash your hair, use a bottle of champagne instead of the typical hair products.

If you have blond or light coloured hair, it is a bonus because a champagne hair wash will help to bright out the shine in hair due to the golden colour of champagne.


Champagne boosts your mood

Besides being a nice treat for yourself, champagne also contains mood-boosting benefits! For your mental health, you can drink a glass or two of champagne as the sources of zinc, potassium and magnesium help to lift your mood if you’ve had a bad day.

All the more reason to enjoy a glass of champagne without taking into account whether you have had a bad day or not.

To give your mood a further boost, pair your champagne with a good source of protein such as a salmon or mackerel dish. The pairing of champagne plus a fish dish which is rich in omega-3 will increase your happiness.

Not only does it taste good, the scientific benefit for your mental health is worth a glass!


Wrap Up

Experts really believe that drinking champagne actually brings multiple benefits to your physical and mental health. However, this only works if you drink in moderation. Science has proven the benefits of bubbly so you need not worry about the advantages of being a myth. The next time you raise a toast, celebrate not just the occasion or couple, remember you are also toasting your health. Drink up!

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