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Mini Champagne Bottles – A Burst of Happiness!

With the rising demand of champagne and wine in general, more and more people are deeming it a necessity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people are stuck at home. However, champagne is still largely related to celebrations and what is more celebratory than a mini champagne bottle? People absolutely adore mini champagne bottles due […]

How to Open Champagne – Tips and Tricks

Posted on February 5, 2021 by Raymond James Irwin in Blog

You often see people popping champagne bottles in movies and during celebrations. Have you ever wondered why champagne makes  “pop” sound when opened? In actual fact, opening champagne should be elegant and demure. Not loud and abrasive with a loud pop! If you find yourself drinking lots of champagne, it is indeed better to possess […]

Sweet Champagne – Doux, Demi Sec, Sec

The term doux refers to the sweetest of all champagnes. At the mention of sweet champagne, many will find themselves cringing. People are more accustomed to the dry end of the spectrum when it comes to champagne – brut, extra brut, brut nature. These are pretty common terms when it comes to champagne. But sweet champagne is […]

Premier Cru – The First Growth Wine

The classification of French wine is never an easy subject to understand. Just by looking at the labels on wine bottles, there are many different jargons such as Grand Cru, Premier Cru, year (vintage), brut and more. The term Grand Cru and Premier Cru has caused a lot of confusion, especially to new wine drinkers. You are […]

Grand cru wine – Cru and Grand Cru explained

When you are a champagne drinker, you would have noticed that the labels on the bubbly and it can get pretty confusing. Usually on the bottles, the region of the champagne is indicated by words such as Grand or Premier. Certain labels have the word cru in it, which is a whole other meaning.   What is a cru? Do you […]

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