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Sparkling Wine vs Champagne – What’s the Difference?

Sparkling wine and champagne often go hand in hand when drinking the bubbly. It is not surprising for many to be confused about the difference between the two. After all, how many people in the world are experts at bubbly besides the handful of sommeliers. Many people will be unable to identify a sparkling wine […]

The Charmat Method

When it comes to bubbly and sparkling wine, there are all kinds and varieties to choose from. Did you know that champagne is only called champagne if it was made in the northeastern region of France called Champagne? There are other similar drinks such as Prosecco and Cava that also contain bubbles. These are merely […]

Ice Cold Champagne – An Emerging New Trend

For those who know how detailed and intricate the process of making champagne is, one would assume that there would be a specific way on how a bottle of bubbly should be stored, served and consumed. And that assumption is not wrong! This delicate and luxurious drink must be served a certain way in order […]

The Best Rose Champagne

Drinking champagne is synonymous with class and prestige, and rose champagne just enhances that feeling. Over the past decades, rose has been rising in popularity. So which rose should you be drinking? Which bottles and brands are the best rose champagne?   What is Rose Champagne? To find out which is the best rose champagne, […]

Prosecco vs Champagne – The Differences

When it comes to wine tasting, a Master Sommelier will be able to tell the exact difference between different types of wine, their appearance, their brewery cycle, or when the wine was made. However, for us normal folk, it is much easier to identify our bubbly by straight up reading the label. Basically, Prosecco is from Italy and Champagne is from France. […]

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