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The Challenge of Opening a Bottle of Fizz

Simple and easy way to open a bottle of Fizz
Posted on February 20, 2020 by Raymond James Irwin in Fizz News
Simple and easy way to open a bottle of Fizz

As a champagne lover we might remember the first time we had to open our first bottle of champagne and we didn’t want to make a mess or see half of the bottle flow onto the floor…

If you are a champagne connoisseur you might like to watch or help a newbie attempt to open a bubbling bottle.  There are the unknowns and watching someone with deep concentration on their face achieving the goal of popping a bottle.  The twisting of the cork, waiting for the pop and the unknown of the fizz will shoot across the room.  After a few times of popping bottles the art of opening a champagne bottle should be fun, exciting and in some cases a time to celebrate something special.  In this short article we are going to explain a few things about opening a bottle so no one gets hurt and you can pop bottles like a pro.

Follow these steps to popping a bottle…

1.  Remove the foil

2. Un-twist the wire so it is loose

3.  Leave the cage and wire on the bottle

4.  Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle

5.  Twist the bottle cork until it comes loose

6.  Pour, sip, smell and enjoy your fizz!