Welcome to Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club!

At Fizz, we’re just people; popping bottles and enjoying life! We believe in celebrating the everyday, from the smallest win or commiseration to the biggest event.

We welcome you to come to our club!  We ship unique and boutique champagne and sparkling wine to our members every month.  We pride ourselves on Fizztastic champagne.


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If you live in Manhattan, a borough,  or in a small village in New York you can now have access to the best champagne offerings shipped to you.  Great sparkling wine and Fizz should be celebrated with friends and family.  Our bottles are not found in local stores or the large big retailers.  We pride ourselves with selecting the best Fizz for our members from our Chief Champagne Officer Raymond James Irwin.  We source our sparkling wines and champagne from all over the world from the smallest to the largest producers!  At Fizz we celebrate everyday and our Chief Champagne Officer welcomes you.  Cheers to a great glass of champagne and bottles shipped directly to you!

Who is Behind Fizz?

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Raymond James Irwin

Chief Champagne Officer

Raymond James Irwin began his passion for Champagne while working at one of Cleveland Ohio’s top restaurants, L’albatros Brasserie + Bar. There, under Sommelier and General Manager, Brandon Chrostowski, he learned the art of hospitality and unparalleled service. At L’albatros, he was introduced to his first small house Champagne. After that, a love affair was born. Upon leaving Cleveland and performing around the world, Raymond James found himself in Chicago.

There, he was introduced to the United States’ oldest Champagne bar, Pops! While Raymond James continued into both the non-profit and corporate business world, the idea of bringing something so unique as a Champagne bar to his hometown never left him. In the fall of 2016, he got to work and by December 2016, he had filed Fizz LLC as an official business.

Since then, he has travelled the globe, determined to bring the most unique and interesting champagnes and sparkling wines to his home town and California’s capital city. Our Master Fizz Maker wants to bring the everyday joy to your life, and he believes the most human expression of that is through a glass of Fizz. He looks forward to providing you an experience unlike anything else!

"Happiness is a glass of Fizz with Friends"


Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club is on a mission to bring a champagne and sparkling wine revolution to the country. We want to revolutionize how you drink and think about fizz.

We believe in celebrating the everyday – from the smallest win, to the biggest accomplishment. Everyday we are alive is a reason to celebrate…is a reason to drink Fizz!

We often think that you can only drink champagne for special occasions or that it is too expensive to have regularly, but that is just not fizzing true! For just $99 every other month, you will receive two hand selected bottles by our Chief Champagne Officer, Raymond James Irwin, that are expertly chosen and provide incredible value! True champagne at $49 a bottle? We’ll drink to that!

We believe that once you start drinking fizz regularly, it will be your go-to beverage. Fizz works for anything, goes with everything, and is the PERFECT cheerful pick-me up to a humdrum of a day.

What Champagne names do you know? Probably a couple of the big brands, but we would have guessed that would be about it. That’s because most big stores, wine shops, wholesalers, etc. are beholden to the large brands, which means you, the consumer, never see the thousands of other bottles available. The types of bottles we send you are made by artisans in small villages, crafted by 7th generation wine making families, and laid down in cellars for 10+ years!  The types of wines/bottles we send you are the kinds made by artisans.

Join Our Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club

At Fizz we are about popping bottles and enjoying life!  Join us at our bar or join our monthly Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club.