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Mini Champagne Bottles – A Burst of Happiness!

Posted on February 18, 2021 by Raymond James Irwin in Blog

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With the rising demand of champagne and wine in general, more and more people are deeming it a necessity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people are stuck at home. However, champagne is still largely related to celebrations and what is more celebratory than a mini champagne bottle?

People absolutely adore mini champagne bottles due to their size. They do their job as party favors and are loved in gatherings like bridal showers. Yet they are still practical in many ways and function like a normal, larger sized champagne bottle. Mini champagne bottles are easy to transport around and designed to be consumed on the spot. Cheers!

Mini champagne bottles are often referred to as splits, or piccolos in professional terms. They are just a quarter of the size of a regular 750 ml champagne bottle, leaving it at roughly 187 ml. Often coming in packs of 4, they are meant for single servings while being widely associated with luxurious lifestyles as a cultural symbol.


Pros of Mini Champagne Bottles

You may be wondering why you would want to go smaller when more bubbles equals more fun. Well, there are certain advantages to mini champagne bottles!


Sufficient Serving for a Single Person

If you want to have a go at champagne, but do not have enough people to accompany you, a regular 750 ml bottle might be too much as champagne is meant to be consumed right after it is opened. This to retain its integrity and make sure the bubbles aren’t lost in the process.

Being the perfect size for a single person, mini champagne bottles can take care of the problems mentioned above, providing you with just enough alcohol to relish it properly while maintaining the bubbly effect.


Fun Party Favors

If you are hosting a party, you can prepare a few bottles of these mini bubbly to give out as party favors. Individual bottles are unique and exciting, and also ensures that everyone gets their drinks.

Mixing them with different brands and types of champagne will be a plus because it offers a wide variety of flavours to guests. Remember that guests have individual preferences so mini bottles of champagne can enjoy what they like easily. After all, what’s a party without champagne?


Convenient for Carrying

Sometimes you might want to go on a trip by yourself and this is where the mini bottles of champagne come in. All you need to do is pack a few of these bottles into a well protected suitcase or container and you are good to go.

It’s much easier than having to bring a whole bottle that takes up space and is heavy to carry. You can even bring as many as you want as long as it doesn’t exceed the regulations for how much wine you can bring along with you on flights.


Prevention of Waste

When you visit a restaurant that serves champagne, it is possible to get a single serving instead of an entire bottle. Most restaurants have a split serving on their menu so it is not difficult to just have a glass of champagne by yourself. However, some restaurants only serve entire bottles.

This is where mini bottles of champagne come in. You don’t have to waste a single drop of champagne since it is tiny enough for a single person to finish easily.


Cons of Mini Champagne Bottles

With the advantages come a few disadvantages of mini champagne bottles such as:-


Packaging Waste

If there are many people in a party, it means that there are more mini champagne bottles to prepare. This leads to higher packaging waste compared to opening a single bottle for the entire group.

Depending on the host, it may be better to serve from larger bottles of champagne so that not as much clean up is involved. If you are concerned about the environment as well, the waste from mini bottles is likely to be a bad idea.


Less Cost-effective

You would think that smaller bottles might be manufactured and sold at cheaper prices, but that is not the case. Mini bottles of champagne are actually quite expensive in comparison to buying a regular 750 ml bottle of the same amount.

Mini bubbly is typically more expensive than you would expect for something that is high in demand and is more luxurious. Although one or two bottles may not make much of a difference, in larger amounts, the difference in price starts to kick in.


Lack of Selection

Mini champagne bottles are actually not that common on the market, as not many manufacturers are willing to produce them. This is because it is more time-consuming and requires more work.

Smaller wineries would definitely be unwilling to put as much effort into producing mini bottles as the workforce would be unable to sustain it in the long term. The result is a smaller selection of champagne available and you may find it difficult to find the champagne you prefer in mini bottles.


How to Find Small Bottles of Champagne?

Fortunately, small bottles of champagne are not too difficult to track down with the use of Google and social media. There are a few more iconic manufacturers that produce their champagnes in mini bottles.

You can also try your luck by walking into your nearest wine and champagne store to see if they carry a selection of mini bottles. Another option is to join a champagne club so that you can request for a bottle or two when necessary.

A few brands of champagne that comes in mini sizes are:

  1. Pommery POP

The champagne manufacturer produces golden splits of champagne that are interesting and eye-catching. The main selling point is the use of vintage wine instead of non-vintage grapes in the mini bottles.

Some producers find that it is not worth producing vintage champagne in mini bottles due to the work put into it and the price it goes for.

  1. Perrier-Jouët NV Grand Brut

One of France’s most respected and famous brands, they produce highly-rated split champagne that is consistent in flavour, making it a valued champagne.

  1. Moët et Chandon NV Imperial

This champagne house also makes fine split bottles of champagne and remains one of the more respected manufacturers in France. Their mini champagnes can be bought at approximately $10 per bottle, which are more affordable compared to other brands.


Champagne Bottle Sizes

There are actually different bottle sizes available when it comes to champagne, which caters to different requirements and multiple situations.

Mini Champagne Bottles
Mini Champagne Bottles

Other bottle sizes, other than piccolo include:


Demi refers to a 375 ml half bottle of champagne, which is also known as “Fillete”. It means little girl in French



This refers to regular sized champagne bottles of 750 ml that are commonly seen.



In Latin, the term means great, and has a capacity of twice the amount of regular champagne, which serves as a suitable bottle for aging champagne.



The tiniest bottle of the rather fanciful Champagne bottles names, it can house up to 3 litres (24 glasses of champagne).



A 4.5 litre champagne bottle, Rehoboam has a capacity of 36 champagne glasses, and the name can be deciphered as “he who enlarges the people” according to its dimension.



In reference to the Hebrew Bible, Methuselah is the oldest person to ever live, passing away after 969 years. This bottle can contain 64 glasses, or 6 litres of champagne in it.



This particular bottle can carry up to 9 litres of champagne, equivalent to 12 bottles of regular champagne. The name is a reference to the variation of 5 Assyrian kings.



Balthazar bottles contain 12 liters or 16 standard bottles of champagne. The name Balthazar refers to a king of Arabia who gave gifts to Jesus after he was born.



Named after the most powerful of all Babylonian kings, the Nebuchadnezzar champagne bottle holds 15 liters, or 120 champagne glasses.



The Solomon bottle is by far the rarest and most debatable bottle of all, as there are no correct determinations of how much champagne this bottle can contain. According to the Union of Champagne Houses, the Solomon bottle contains 18 litres or 24 bottles. However, a few other sources have the Solomon at, 20 litres or 26.6 bottles, or 21 liters or 28 bottles.



The Sovereign champagne bottle is possibly only made by one winery: Taittinger. Databases state that it should house 34 bottles of champagne, but the sole maker to this bottle puts it at 35.



The Primat bottle has a capacity of 27 liters,  which is equivalent to 36 bottles or 216 champagne glasses.



Being the greatest of champagne bottles, the Melchizedek champagne bottle is not proven to be in existence yet and it remains a myth to some. Those who believe that it exists state that it has a volume of 30 liters, which can contain up to 40 regular 750 ml bottles or 240 classic champagne glasses.


Wrap Up

Mini bottles of champagnes, also known as piccolo are pretty cute and have their advantages and disadvantages. Though you may be hard pressed to find a bottle that you really like as many champagne producers do not produce bottles in that size, mini champagne bottles serve as the perfect size for you to enjoy champagne! Cheers!

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