Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club

Our Champagne Shipping & Returns

Who Are We?

Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club was founded by Raymond James Irwin, our Chief Champagne Officer. As well as the founder and owner of California’s #1 Champagne Club, he also opened  Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Bar, in Sacramento, CA. For more than three years, he has tasted thousands of champagnes every year and devoted his time and wine passion strictly to champagne and sparkling wine. Yearly, he travels to the Champagne Region of France where he tastes champagnes from over 400 producers and then travels regularly to other sparkling wine growing regions. Follow him on his fizz trips on Instagram @raymondjamesirwin And, if you are ever in the Sacramento Region, check us out at our HQ and Bubbles Bar, where club members have access to our private room for free, complimentary club flights, and up to 30% off bottles, glasses, and food!

What Do We Believe In?

Fizz Champagne & Bubbles Club is on a mission to bring a champagne and sparkling wine revolution to the country. We want to revolutionize how you drink and think about fizz. We believe in celebrating the everyday – from the smallest win, to the biggest accomplishment. Everyday we are alive is a reason to celebrate…is a reason to drink Fizz! We often think that you can only drink champagne for special occasions or that it is too expensive to have regularly, but that is just not fizzing true! For just $99 every other month, you will receive two hand selected bottles by our Chief Champagne Officer, Raymond James Irwin, that are expertly chosen and provide incredible value! True champagne at $49 a bottle? We’ll drink to that!

Why Join The Champagne Revolution?

We believe that once you start drinking fizz regularly, it will be your go-to beverage. Fizz works for anything, goes with everything, and is the PERFECT cheerful pick-me up to a humdrum of a day.

What Makes Us Different?

Many people are not familiar with the stunning variety of Champagne brands. They probably know a couple of the big brands, but we would guess that would be about it. That’s because most big stores, wine shops, wholesalers, etc. are beholden to the large brands, which means many consumers never see the thousands of other bottles available. The types of bottles we send you are made by artisans in small villages, crafted by 7th generation wine making families, and laid down in cellars for 10+ years!  The types of wines/bottles we send you are the kinds made by artisans.

Why Buy From Us?

If you are buying bubbles at the grocery store you will not find most of the bottles you purchase from us. We guarantee you won’t find our vast selection in local stores like BevMo, or Total Wine. More importantly than our exclusivity, Fizz is our passion!  

How Does Fizz Get These Bottles?

Raymond James has made incredible connections with hundreds of winemakers, importers, and distributors all over the world. With his wine industry relationships and negotiations, he is able to procure incredible deals on incredible champagne that you won’t find anywhere else!

Why Join the Club?

We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect bottle of Fizz.  We taste hundreds of Champagnes and sparkling wines every year, and we recognize quality.  That is why our owner, Raymond James Irwin, travels the globe each year, finding the best fizz for you, selecting each and every bottle that you will receive. Each time your box comes, it comes with our promise of quality over quantity, hand selection over mass production, and value over gauging.

How Does the Club Work?

  1. Choose one of the three levels of membership levels: Connoisseur – $99, Reserve – $199, or Baller – $300.
  2. Raymond James will hand pick monthly Champagnes to be delivered to you.
  3. We have a preferred carrier that will handle your Fizz with care and Hand delivered to you at your desired location. 
  4. Start popping bottles in about two weeks (allowing us to prepare your champs and for Raymond James to hand select it).

What Other Perks Are There?

  • Every Monday, we will feature a Fizz of the Day, at a FIZZTASTIC value! Sometimes these are super rare bottles, super exclusive offerings, or there are only a few cases available that you won’t want to miss.


  • Have a special event or day coming up and want additional bottles of something SUPER FIZZTASTIC? Email us! We provide concierge service for every member. That’s right, your own personal champagne guru.


  • We help you find, taste, and discover incredibly small producers of champagne and sparkling wine you have never heard of!  Champagnes that can truly be said are crafted with love and a complete hands-on approach.

Not Ready to Commit to Monthly Fizz?

We’ve got you! Be our guest for a virtual tasting to learn how to taste the finest bubbles around. Enter your info and one of our Champagne Concierges will reach out with the next available date.

Cheers to the Champagne Revolution!