• Review #6 | Champagne Boizel, Brut, Réserve, NV, Èpernay, Champagne, France

    Review #6 | Champagne Boizel, Brut, Réserve, NV, Èpernay, Champagne, France IMG 0715 2

    “A Family.  A House.  A Tradition”

    The Boizel Family has been producing champagne since 1834 and is now in its 5th generation. The house has survived two World Wars, Phylloxera, a global pandemic (Spanish flu) and a global market crash.  History of grape growing and wine production dates back to the 16th century for the matriarch of this house, Julie Martin. What is incredible and something rarely done in the 1800’s was that both of their last names were incorporated into the label to show a true partnership, “Boizel-Martin.” 

    The Brut Reserve is a gorgeous expression of the house, only 1st press juice (the cuvee) is used, never secondary pressings, and provides a powerful champagne from the large amount of Pinot Noir used (55%) with 30% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Meunier. Their champagnes are always more than double the mandatory aging; in this case, the Reserve is aged between 3-4 years in their cellars and 30% reserve wine added for richness and complexity.  There is a lot of honey crisp apple and toasted bread qualities along with ripe apricot, apple compote, and toasted almonds. I love this champagne by itself, with a lighter meal, or honestly, even a cigar.

  • Review #5 | Champagne Tribaut, 2009, L’authentique, Romery, France

    Review #5 | Champagne Tribaut, 2009, L’authentique, Romery, France Tribaut

    We love bringing in different styles and types of champagne from small producers that you’ve never heard of.  You CANNOT get any more quality for value than this incredible champagne from Tribaut-Schloesser.

    The Tribaut style is ripe and juicy. This sunny vintage champagne was all aged in large oak casks (foudres). Grapes come from both the Marne Valley (including Ay) and from the Montagne de Reims. You will notice beautiful notes of pear and plum, along with vanilla and caramel.  Only 2493 bottles were made!

    A champagne to impress everyone from your neighbor to the Queen.  You choose who you want to Fizz with!

  • Review #4 | Nicolas Feuillatte, Cuvee 225, 2005, Chouilly, France

    Review #4 | Nicolas Feuillatte, Cuvee 225, 2005, Chouilly, France Nicolas Feuillatte 2005

    Nicolas Feuillatte is a rather well known name in the states with their entry level, “Reserve Exclusive.” While a lovely entry level champagne, we wanted to bring one of their top bottles to our Reserve & Baller Club members and show what a high caliber and special wine this house can create.

    Feuillatte is a cooperative champagne house, meaning that they have many members who give their grapes to one wine maker and he creates the blend from their grapes. This can provide an impressive assortment of grapes to choose from where the possibilities of what can be created are almost limitless.

    This expression of Cuvee 225 is purely sumptuous and rich. If you want to taste what being rich tastes like….this is your gal. This cuvee gets its name from the 225 liter barrels that this wine is fermented in. This provides rich, round, and complex flavors. The oak supports the evolution of the wine and grape selection…which is comprised exclusively of Grand Cru and Premier Cru grapes, e.g. the creme de la creme! Vanilla ripe yellow fruits, and candied lemon and orange slices intermingle in the flavor profile. The finish is long and decadent. This is not a bottle you will ever find in stores….but then again…none of our fizz club bottles are 😉