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Review #2 | Surle Grand Marais, Non-Vintage, Brut Zero, Baslieux-sur-Chattilon, France 100% Meunier

Posted on May 1, 2020 by Raymond James Irwin in Champagne Reviews

Meunier, What’s that?  Meunier is the lesser known main grape in champagne yet provides such an important characteristic…fruit, freshness and youthful vigor!

Young Meunier champagne can be fruity and floral and the longer it ages the more honeyed it gets!  One of Raymond’s favorite expressions of pure Meunier champagne that he has found on his travels is Sur Le Grand Marais from the small grower champagne house of Liebart-Regnier.  He had the pleasure of visiting with them on several occasions.  This site specific Meunier expresses the depth of complexity that you only get the best champagnes.  This is why Raymond gave this champagne 4 stars!  Value, quality, elegance.  That is this champagne and that is our Fizz Club!

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