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Review #1 | Rare 2002, Brut, Reims, France

Posted on April 14, 2020 by Raymond James Irwin in Champagne Reviews

Sexy.  Full.  Iconic. Round.  These are adjectives that easily describe one of the best tasting champagnes of this decade and one that will go on long into the next…

Don’t just take it from the Chief Champagne Officer’s expert opinion but also that of Essi Avelan, Master of Wine and Tom Stevenson, leading world expert who also concurs with Raymond James.  In their latest World of Encyclopedia of Champagne, they give this champagne a 100 point rating!  Raymond James agrees.  This October, Raymond was invited to an incredible tasting of several vintages of Rare with the legendary wine maker (or chef de cave in french) of Rare, Regis Camus.  With only a handful of people chosen to take part in this unique occasion, Regis and Raymond discussed the iconic nature of the champagne vintage.  The ripe fruit, incredible acidity, with amazing longevity.  What got Raymond was the complexity of flavors but all in balance.  Flambeed bananas, caramel, pralines, dark berries and brioche.  When it comes to an incredible celebration, this is the bottle to get!!

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