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Review #3 | Bermejos, Espumoso, Brut Nature, 2015, Canary Islands, Spain

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Raymond James Irwin in Champagne Reviews

Fizz loves to bring the incredible world of sparkling wine to our club members. Have you ever had a sparkling wine from the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain?  Most people haven’t! It is extremely rare.  Raymond James found this amazing bottle made of 100% Malvasia Volcanica.

This varietal is made by crossing Malvasia Aromatica (originally from Italy) and Marmajuelo (a grape indigeonous to the Canary Islands.)  Not only is it a single varietal but single vintage (all from 2015) AND single vineyard.  So much volcanic soil that the vines lay upon.  Not only is this bottle an exceptional example of traditional method fizz, but it also is very reflective of the terroir that it comes from. No sugar is added to this bottle but the palate is full and round. An extremely aromatic precise expression. This bottle is only available through Fizz Champagne Club!